PayDotCom Tracker

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I see on the home page?

Home page has a quick overview of the today's PayDotCom activity. There you can see a PayDotCom Health Index graph, which is calculated by adding all gravities of all existing products and divided by the number of active products on the marketplace. It represents the average success rate of all PayDotCom affiliates - if it grows, more affiliates are making money, and vice versa.

Also on the same page you can find three small tables, representing the most significant today's products in three aspects:

  • Top Gravity: products that have the most sales. Many affiliates are successfully selling these products, but the competition is also very high.
  • Top Gains: products with the highest gravity gain since yesterday. It is worth to take a look at those.
  • Top Losses: products with the highest gravity fall since yesterday. If you are selling those - watch out, it might be the sign of some problems!

At the bottom of the home page there is a keywords cloud which show the current most popular keywords from all PayDotCom products. The bigger the font is - the more products are using this keyword. You can click on any of those to find all related products.

How can I search the products catalog?

Catalog page allows you to find the best products to promote according to your own parameters. All you need to do is to set different sliders to your favorite positions and catalog page will immediately update to show all products according to your new choice. In the short product cards you can find essential product information: title, description and the most important sales performance indicators, such as gravity and payout. You can also sort by any field by clicking on the buttons above the products list. Second click will reverse the sort direction. If you want to see more than 10 products on the page, scroll to the bottom of products list and click on the "show more results" button. You can always remember the set of filters you like by bookmarking the page.

You can also search products which contain some keywords by entering them into the "description" field. And you can restrict your search to some particular category by choosing from the "categories" control below the filters box.

What are on all those graphs on this site?

There are three different graphs you can find on product and catalog pages which give you the full picture of product sales performance:

  • Affiliate Power Score: this score is calculated on a daily basis and it depends on a number of factors such as the number of sales, total refunds, and affiliate earnings with special emphasis put on the number of unique affiliates making sales over the last 150 days with recent transactions having more relevance. There are other factors including the amount the affiliate earns and others but we do not publish this algorithm to protect the integrity of the score so that it is not manipulated in any way and it will always represent the most accurate representation of top products to promote for affiliates.
  • Purchase Payout: affiliate commission (in dollars) from the product sale. It doesn't include any additional income from the subscription fees.
  • Commission: what part of the total product price is given away to affiliates. Of course, the higher - the better!
  • Product Price: dynamic view of the product price change. Normally it is a static value, but here you can see how the seller was trying to find the best converting price.

What else can I see on the product page?

Product page contains detailed information about product and its performance on the PayDotCom marketplace. To the left you can see some fields:

  • First seen, Last Seen: first and last dates when PayDotCom Tracker saw this product on the marketplace.
  • Page Rank: Google Page Rank of the landing page. If the number is high, the page will appear higher in the organic search results so it will be harder to compete with the product's main website.
  • Traffic: estimated number of the unique visitors per months.
  • Seller: Nickname of the product seller on PayDotCom marketplace.
  • Product price: actual price of the product which is shown to the real customers. Since PayDotCom Tracker doesn't have any information about the number of different product packages (upsales), this number shows only the first package price.
  • Initial payout: commission received from the product sale itself, not counting any future subscription commissions.
  • Commission: current percentage of the total product price which is paid out to affiliates.
  • Subscription based: indicates if this product is a subscription-based product.
  • APS: current product performance on the {$#brand#} marketplace. The best products to promote usually have mid-range APS.
  • Rating within Categories: product popularity within the specific categories. You can click on the category name to jump to the catalog page for that category.

At the top of the product page there is a vendor-provided product title and description. Below that is the product landing page url. If you log in, you'll be able to generate short cloaked urls with your own affiliate id. The benefit of using short url instead of a plain PayDotCom hop link is that people usually don't like to click on the affiliates link, and it's harder to spy on your PPC campaigns when your affiliate link is cloaked.

At the bottom of the product page there is a keyword cloud similar to the home page but specified to the product, and a landing page thumbnail.